Successful World MoveIt! Day Tokyo!

ByRyosuke Tajima

Successful World MoveIt! Day Tokyo!

MoveIt World! Day Tokyo ended successfully. On the day we had about 30 people. We would like to thank everyone who participated, sponsored, and supported.


Nihon Binary kindly sponsored the robot Baxter. It stood in the fashionable LEAGUE Yurakucho of the floor.


In addition, Nihon Binary exhibited Jaco2 arm and HEBI arm. Some experts tackled them to make them move with MoveIt! and Gazebo.

ARTC in Singapore, the another WMD host, stayed connected in a video chat.


Everyone tried MoveIt! simulators and robot while taking a snack. The trouble of installation and operation has been supported by the staff as possible.


Some people actually moved Baxter and challenged programming with moveit_commander. Meaningful results were obtained according to their level and concern. At the end some people presented the results of today.

Thank you everyone!

In Japan, we have found that many people have an interest in MoveIt!. We will continue using the MoveIt! and ROS with everyone, let’s improve it with feedbacks and commits.

World MoveIt! Day 2017 Tokyo is incoming!
Interactive ROS Indigo environment with Docker (1)

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