Say hello to Hiro at Shinshu Univ. !

ByRyosuke Tajima

Say hello to Hiro at Shinshu Univ. !

Yamazaki Laboratory students

One day in February, I visited Shinshu University Yamazaki laboratory . We introduced recent activities of TORK, the latest information on ROS, and exchanged opinions. While listening diligently, a lot of questions came out.

Hiro with a trolley

We can see two Hiros in Yamazaki laboratory, and we checked the functions of MoveIt! recently added together and answered the usage questions as much as possible.

In the Yamazaki laboratory, they are doing research to deal with flexible materials made of cloth like towels and shirts. We are looking forward to more dexterous robots.

Dr. Yamazaki and all the students in the laboratory, thank you!

We've visited THK Co., Ltd.!
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