ROS Workshop Intermediate Course (Manipulation)


  • Description: Go through how to configure your original manipulator robot using ROS (particularly Xacro, URDF and MoveIt!), using a our “home-made” simple custom manipulator that consists of 4 Dynamixel servo motors. Then run a rather complicated pick and place task.
  • Name of event: ROS Workshop Intermediate, manipulation edition
  • Hosted by: TORK
  • Date: 10:30-18:00. Please check the calendar within this page
  • Target users are who:
    • attended ROS Workshop for Beginners, or equivalent
    • write programs for original manipulators using ROS
    • want to learn how to apply ROS to existing manipulators
  • Workshop Programs
    • 3D modelling (URDF)
    • Synchronize RViz and real robot
    • Operate simulated robot using MoveIt!
    • Operate real robot using MoveIt!
    • Perceive AR tag using camera and coordinate transformation
    • Integration, task development
  • Things to bring
  • Contact: info[a t]