ROS Workshop Basic Course

ROS Workshop Basic Course is offered in Japanese only with the following agenda. Contact us, however, if you have any inretest in this workshop (we might arrange it into English depending on the requests). Thank you! info[a t]


  • Overall description: Introductory course for ROS, a defacto standard robotics framework software. Suitable for professionals who heard “ROS” but never experienced yet.
  • Name: ROS Workshop for Beginners
  • Hosted by: TORK
  • Date: Please check the calendar within this page
  • Venue: Shared Office “LEAGUE” (JR Yurakucho sta. 1 mins walk, Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line at exit D8 of Yurakucho sta. 1 mins walk)
  • Fee: 19,800JPY/person
  • Registration: Follow this link and find the desired date
  • Target audience are who are interested in:
    • Overview of ROS
    • basic programming in ROS
  • Workshop Program
    • ROS environment setup
    • Use hand motion sensor (LeapMotion) via ROS
    • Run a servo motor via ROS
    • Control a servo motor via ROS with sensor input
  • Items to bring
    • Bring-in a computer in the following condition so that you can work on your own:
      • Intel i5 or greater, 4G or more RAM, 7G or more disk space, internet connectivity
      • Hands-on program uses Ubuntu 16.04/ROS Kinetic, 14.04/ROS Indigo
      • Root (admin) privilege for the operating system
      • For those of you whose machines are not Ubuntu Linux (e.g. Windows, Mac, Amiga etc.), bootable Ubuntu-ROS LiveUSB is available
      • Virtual machine is NOT recommended
      • Make sure your machine’s internet connectivity with the intra-network setting (most notably proxy server) turned off
      • By following this instruction, you can setup environment in advance if you wish
  • Others
  • Contact: info[a t]