ROS Workshop Intermediate Course (Navigation)

ROS Workshop Inter Course is offered in Japanese only with the following agenda. Contact us, however, if you have any inretest in this workshop (we might arrange it into English depending on the requests). Thank you! info[a t]


  • Description: Go through how to use the navigation components of ROS (move_base, amcl, mapping, rviz). We learn the basic of the navigation practically using a simulator and our robot “Roomblock” consists of iRobot Roomba, Raspberry Pi and RPLIDAR.

  • Name of event: ROS Workshop Intermediate, navigation edition
  • Hosted by: TORK
  • Date: 13:30-18:00.
  • Target users are who:
    • attended ROS Workshop for Beginners, or equivalent
    • write programs for original mobile robot using ROS
    • want to learn how to apply ROS to existing mobile robots
  • Workshop Programs
    • Navigation using mobile robot simulator
    • Mapping and navigation using real mobile robot
    • Programming for navigation
    • Lecture of the ROS navigation system and packages
  • Things to bring