World MoveIt! Day 2017 Tokyo is incoming!

ByRyosuke Tajima

World MoveIt! Day 2017 Tokyo is incoming!

MoveIt! is one of the main major package of ROS intended for the robot manipulator. A local events of “World MoveIt! Day 2017” for all developers and users, will be held in Tokyo this year.

  • Title: World MoveIt! Day Tokyo
  • Date and time: October 19 (Thursday) 11:00 to 18:00 (The date is differ from other western region)
  • Location: [ LEAGUE Yurakucho ] event space
  • Admission: Free

For detailed program and registration, please visit the following site. The schedule is possible to change without notice.

It is to be a very ‘loose feeling’ event. Anyone can join those who are using MoveIt!, who do not yet use it and who do not heard it at all.

If it is possible to bring your own notebook PC where you installed the ROS, you can experience MoveIt! with the simulator or actual robot. You can learn how to use it while our staff and participants can teach each other.

In addition, it also carried out exchange of information on additional functions or bug fixes of MoveIt! itself. Let everyone will boost the MoveIt! in!

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Successful World MoveIt! Day Tokyo!

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