Low-cost LIDARs!(4) Indoor mesurement

ByRyosuke Tajima

Low-cost LIDARs!(4) Indoor mesurement

In the previous post, we look at the ROS compatibility. In this post, we’ll compare the data with the video.

Data comparison (indoor)

The video of the measuring in the living room at home is shown below. Considering the use in the robot, the height of sensing was set to 15 cm. I am walking around the sensor.


The shape of the room is beautifully reflected, and the walking foot looks like a semicircle.

Sweep (10Hz)

We understand the shape of the room somehow. Although foot is reflected, we do not know the shape.

Sweep (3Hz)

It produces the same resolution as RPLIDAR A2, so you can understand the shape of the room. The shape of the foot is vague and it is hard to understand because the update is slow.

Indoor summary

If it is used indoors, RPLIDAR A 2 seems to be good in terms of angular resolution and distance measurement accuracy. Even with use up to now, RPLIDAR A 2 worked perfectly with indoor SLAM like a normal living room or office.

Next time, we will look at outdoor measurement results.

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