We partecipated in ROS-I Asia Pacific Workshop!

ByRyosuke Tajima

We partecipated in ROS-I Asia Pacific Workshop!

We participated in the ROS Industrial Asia Pacific Workshop held in Singapore on June 27 and 28. (Sorry, this blog have been a bit out of date waiting for the update of the official page.)

  • ROS-Industrial AP Workshop 2018: https://rosindustrial.org/events/2018/6/27/ric-ap-workshop

It was a new and clean facility

It is our first participation from TORK. Rather than the technical contents, there were many introductions of projects in each country and efforts by companies, and it was a different impression from ROSCon specialized in ROS package and technology. Instead I was able to know the activities of major overseas companies and venture companies. Also, it was very pleasant to have many opportunities to chat with those people and get acquainted.

TORK also introduced the contents of the activity, the jog_control package and also exhibited the ROS native teaching pendant under development, and many people were interested.

In ARTC there is a very spacious and cool building with the name “Future Factroy”, and many industrial robots were lined up and narrowed down. Demonstration of ARTC ‘s robot team were shown. ROS and the latest industrial robot were combined and research was conducted targeting themes such as Scan-N-Plan and object recognition. Unfortunately it was not allowed to take photos for participants in the workshop, but I think the state will be released following an official blog etc.

In the whole workshop , “everyone has no doubt on the industrial application of ROS” (because it is an event of ROS-I, which is natural). Participants of ROS-I are actually trying to concretely link ROS to application and to strengthen their product capabilities. Companies in China and Taiwan also actively release ROS and ROS 2 products. Although it is certain that there are some challenges in industrial application of ROS,  there are efforts such as package creation support by ROSIN, mechanism of code quality management, development of Scan-N-Plan fundamental technology. Most of all, I felt it was wonderful that they loop around making hands move and publish results, which we want to do as TORK.

And the organizer’s operation was wonderful! I would like to express my thanks to the very fun and comfortable workshop with kind attentions.

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