Translation of ROS-I training material

ByRyosuke Tajima

Translation of ROS-I training material

What is ROS-Industrial?

When examining the combination of robot arm such as industrial use and ROS, “ROS-Industrial (ROS-I)” is found. Does it support my robot or my application? What is ROS-I, is it different from ROS? We have received many such inquiries at TORK.

ROS-I is the name of an international consortium . In this consortium, the participating member companies share technical problems in using ROS for industrial use, and companies in the member provide packages and solutions (based on the contract). ROS-I standards and packages are not independent of ROS. After all, it is a story in the ROS ecosystem.

Packages developed and managed by ROS-I will be shared only within member companies for a while, but in the end it will be open source under the contract. The ROS-I repository is the result of these.

ROS-I regularly holds training courses to use this result in North America, EU, and Asia in Singapore. It is about 3 days course. This training course can be taken even if you are not a member of ROS-I.

Furthermore, the training materials for the training are also made public, and anyone interested if referring to this material can study the main packages of ROS-I.

In addition to the basic commentary and setup of ROS, it is also possible to write a node in C++, MoveIt!, a recently developed orthogonal coordinate planning package “Descartes” in ROS-I, and point cloud processing, image processing, and so on. The exercise is mainly the style of experimenting with your PC or VM.

To be honest, I think that the difficulty is rather high and not for beginners. But If you’ve already learned ROS and going to use the industrial robot from now on, it seems to be a very helpful reference.

TORK translated the training material into Japanese!

“But it is in English…” There is good news for you! We translated the material of this training course into Japanese, and was completed at this time!

ROS Industrial training material in Japanese

It would be fun for a challenge for winter vacation.

As a precaution, when there is a problem, mistake, improvement point in the content of the Japanese version , please contact TORK rather than the original authers.

Have a wonderful year!

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