ROS Consulting Support

Since our debut in 2013, we’ve had a blessed period to hear so many questions, opinions regarding opensource robotics.

    • To even better respond to the needs, we introduce a new “Consulting Ticket” service:
      • A single ticket is worth a half or a full day of work at maximum
      • Within two business day the initial response will be made. We aim to solve within four business days
      • Question examples:
        • What to do in the first place to use ROS?
        • Guide me to implement the robotics task X using opensource libraries
        • Help us! I can’t build our custom package
        • How to convert our robot’s 3D model to make it compatible with Gazebo?
    • OSS robotics development on contract basis:
      • Tamagawa University’s omni-directional mobile base “SPUR” ROS-based control package
      • Toyota’s welfare robot “HSR” hackathon environment Gazebo packagehsr_grasp_bottole_1_gzhsr_grasp_bottole_1_rviz
          • Scene from

        Toyota HSR Hackathon 2015 images

          . Left: Gazebo simulator, Right: same scene on RViz visualizer.
      • Hakuto Project (Google Lunar-X contender) Gazebo simulation (including WEB interface)hakuto-moon
          Left: Linux desktop version, Right: web browser version.
Please contact:

TORK (Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai Association)