NEXTAGE OPEN software services progress

ByRyosuke Tajima

NEXTAGE OPEN software services progress

With TORK turning 2-year mark on August 8th, 2015, we give an update about the NEXTAGE OPEN’s ROS-based opensource software support, which is one of our first business services.
We’ve got 74 support requests so far from some of the support service users. Each request is answered, or fixed by us often based on the collaboration with the opensource community developers.

User’s case: Tecnalia

    • (Spain) has been working toward factory automation project at Airbus, taking advantage of the dexterity and the ability for collaboration with humans that dual-arm robots provide. Their analysis and the work is reported in an academic paper[1].

[1] Herrero, H,, “State Machine Based Architecture to Increase Flexibility of Dual-Arm Robot Programming”, Bioinspired Computation in Artificial Systems, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 9108, 2015, pp 98-106

Thank you all who have given us a support especially Kawada Industries and Kawada Robotics. Your understanding and generosity nourishes the opensource robotics.

(Photo: at 4th ROS Japan User Group meetup. Since NEXTAGE OPEN software comes with ROS-based simulation as well, whoever interested can give it a try, bring about meetup sessions like this using it.

TORK speaks about opensource robotics research and business at RSJ Seminar (09/11/2015)
Impedance Control using Kawada's Hironx Dual-arm Robot

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