We assist you to opensource it!

Hey we’ve made our robotics software opensource! Please use them!

Congratulations for making a next step into the world of opensource software (OSS)!

This is not the beginning of something new, however, not the goal. One of many good things of making your software opensource is that more users give a try as its freely downloadable, and (the most importantly) give feedback.

Some may think that your software get traction as long as it’s publicly available. In actuality things won’t go smooth like that and we’ve found the following steps at still necessary (but not limited) to promote active usage and improvement:

  • Advertise to the community effectively
  • Installation steps and the document (can be almost always improved)
  • How to run / reference via API
  • More sample programs
  • Response to issue reports, questions, enhancement requests

All these should be repetitive effort — ideally a loop of these tasks goes on with users’ feedback never ending and the software matures.

With abundant experience in OSS development and community involvement, TORK can assist you to “opensource it”. We offer commercial / non-commercial assistance for your products, projects including:

  • Creation of Ubuntu binary package (DEB)
  • Storage for intermediate files of Ubuntu binary package (DEB) creation
  • Software development or consultation
  • Maintenance

Existing examples:

Contact: info[a-t]opensource-robotics.tokyo.jp