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ByRyosuke Tajima

ROS Workshop on Navigation was held in Nagoya

in Nagoya Fushimi

The ROS workshop: intermediate autonomous navigation was held in Nagoya. Participant is already mastering the basis of ROS, so we were able to advance the curriculum smoothly.

Experience of the autonomous navigation

In the autonomous navigation workshop, firstly we got to try the functions of the navigation on simulation. Next, Roomba-based teaching materials robot Roomblock was hired to operate in the room and corridor of the office, making map, navigating autonomously. Then we can learn the configuration of the navigation packages in ROS system. Questions about ROS and robotics other than the curriculum will be answered as much as possible.

Autonomous mobile robot Roomblock

The public workshop schedule in November !

Also it has published a blog to the first study to people the ROS. Please see for your reference.

Private workshops, we also offer consultation for other OSS.
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