World MoveIt! Day 2017 Tokyo is incoming!

MoveIt! is one of the main major package of ROS intended for the robot manipulator. A local events of “World MoveIt! Day 2017” for all developers and users, will be held in Tokyo this year.

  • Title: World MoveIt! Day Tokyo
  • Date and time: October 19 (Thursday) 11:00 to 18:00 (The date is differ from other western region)
  • Location: [ LEAGUE Yurakucho ] event space
  • Admission: Free

For detailed program and registration, please visit the following site. The schedule is possible to change without notice.

It is to be a very ‘loose feeling’ event. Anyone can join those who are using MoveIt!, who do not yet use it and who do not heard it at all.

If it is possible to bring your own notebook PC where you installed the ROS, you can experience MoveIt! with the simulator or actual robot. You can learn how to use it while our staff and participants can teach each other.

In addition, it also carried out exchange of information on additional functions or bug fixes of MoveIt! itself. Let everyone will boost the MoveIt! in!

New tutorial for Nextage Open has published in Japanese !

Nextage Open

Comprehensive tutorial on ROS package for Nextage Open is available, but it is provided in English for the users around the world. Now we just have published Japanese version of the tutorial, requested from many Japanese users.

Nextage Open Japanese version tutorial

We hope it can serve you in the research and development field. In addition, we think it can be helpful for those who are considering to introduce Nextage Open system.

Of course, English version of the tutorial ( Http://Wiki.Ros.Org/rtmros_nextage/Tutorials ) is also available as before (link to the Japanese version has also been added).

ROS Workshop Schedule in October 2017

Here are the schedule of our ROS workshop series in Autumn 2017!

Oct. 04 Wed. 13:30- Introductory
Oct. 18 Wed. 13:30- Introductory
Oct. 24 Tue. 13:30- Introductory
Venue: Yurakucho, Tokyo

Oct. 10 Thu. 13:30- Introductory
Oct. 23 Mon. 13:30- Introductory
Venue: Nagoya, Aichi

Inquiries: info[at]


ROS Workshop for beginners in 27th September !

We had ROS Workshop at Yurakucho, Tokyo.
We used custom ROS-preinstalled LiveUSB, so people had ROS experience without change your PC environment.
All of attendee ran through the all topics.

Great work, everyone!!

The workshop schedule of October is now open!

in October, ROS Workshop Intermediate Course (Navigation) is also open!

It’s blog for beginners studying ROS for the first time. Please refer to it.

Private workshops, other consultations on OSS are also accepted.
Please do not hesitate to contact us!
info [at]

We participated in ROSCon2017, Vancouver!

We took part in ROSCon2017, held in Vancouver in September 21 and 22!

Scenes from the Vancouver Convention Center

ROSCon is a meeting for the exchange of information once a year, by gathered people involved in ROS in a variety of positions such as users, developers, universities, companies. 

Dr. Brian Gerkey opened the session

TORK did not sign up for the presentation in advance, however, we were able to report our activities in the three minutes lightning talk.

TORK reported on our new packages

There were many presentations from very wide variety of countries and organizations on new robots, new devices, robotics research and development. In addition, this time we could hear many topics of ROS2.

It is anyway so fun conference for developers and users of ROS, why not consider the participation of the future. The venue and the schedule for next year has not yet been determined but should coming soon.