NEXTAGE OPEN (Kawada Robotics) ROS Support


rtmros_nextage is a ROS interface for NEXTAGE OPEN dual-armed robot from Kawada Robotics Inc. The NEXTAGE OPEN, coming with tool changers, head-mount stereo camera and two 6-DOF arms, is made as “collaborative” in the environment where human workers and robots work together. Opensource integration realizes to interface smoothly with various existing tools e.g. a cutting-edge motion planner “MoveIt!”.


The list of available functional modules is available. Also if you’re interested in virtually experiencing the software functionality, please go through tutorials. Our only supported operating system is Ubuntu 14.04.

TORK provides the following services for the owners of this robot:

  • Opensource Controller Software Installation Service
  • Basic Subscription (Support) Service (Troubleshooting during our business hours. Available for the Installation Service customers only)
  • Advanced Support Service (Incl. troubleshooting via video conference, additional development)

For the detail of each service please contact us.

Note for Installation Service

Robot that our Installation Service is intended for is NEXTAGE OPEN, which is designed to work with opensource software such as ROS. The NEXTAGE robot, also manufactured by Kawada Robotics, is NOT compatible for the opensource software and thus we cannot provide our Installation Service.

User’s cases

Manipulation Research Group at AIST (Japan)

Their Hironx robot is equipped with JR3 6-axis force sensor at the tip of the arms. Using the external force measurement from the sensor, impedance control is achieved to restrain the pose of the robot’s end-effector. See our blog post for more detail including video.

Okada Lab at Tamagawa University (Japan)

Their Hironx robot is equipped with ASUS RGB-D sensor within the head for PointCloud processing. See our blog post for more detail.

NTU (Nanyang Technological University in Singapore)

NTU develops advanced manipulation application using an RViz-based, graphical custom trajectory path planner.

Tecnalia (Spain)

The company has been working toward factory automation project at Airbus, taking advantage of the dexterity and the ability for collaboration with humans that dual-arm robots provide. Their analysis and the work is reported in an academic paper[1].

[1] Herrero, H,, “State Machine Based Architecture to Increase Flexibility of Dual-Arm Robot Programming”, Bioinspired Computation in Artificial Systems, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 9108, 2015, pp 98-106

You can take a look at the set of tutorials online.