Pepper Robot at Beaujolais Nouveau PartyKOTO-BA交流会(ボジョレーの会)でPepperロボットを紹介しました

著者:Kei Okada

Pepper Robot at Beaujolais Nouveau PartyKOTO-BA交流会(ボジョレーの会)でPepperロボットを紹介しました

Following mid November’s winery tradition is not just a human’s thing – Robots do too!

At “Shared Office KOTO-BA” where our headquater is located, Beaujolais Nouveau Party has been annually held, and this year we made an introductory appearance together with Softbank’s Pepper Robot.

Pepper can be operated via ROS, same as NEXTAGE Open, Baxter and numerous other robots.

Atelier Aldebaran Akihabara kindly offered the robot, which is located in walking distance from our office. Many thanks to Mr Kawada from SoftBank Inc.

The picture below is how the robot saw the party (taken from a visualizer software RViz. Apparently the robot’s sight was much distorted — that’s what a party is!

Screenshot from 2015-11-20 19_46_54




ソフトバンク ロボティクス株式会社 河田様,ご協力ありがとうございました!


Screenshot from 2015-11-20 19_46_54


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