Adopting Research Robots余っている研究用ロボットを探しています

著者:Isaac Saito

Adopting Research Robots余っている研究用ロボットを探しています

April! The beginning of new fiscal year, new school, and most importantly the season of sakura blossoms here in Japan! So do we something new. TORK is planning to dedicate more this year on testing and stabilizing the software packages we develop/maintain on as many robots as possible. To do so we need testbed — robots. Yes, we need robots. We’re looking for research robots, preferably with an arm or two, that we can “adopt” from you. While we mainly limit to Japan where we have some ideas of how to legally transfer the machines, your contact from anywhere on earth would be appreciated to info [a t] about your robots or about the possible collaboration.

東京オープンソースロボティクス協会は,多品種のロボットで試験を行い,より高信頼で適応性の高いソフトウェアの開発評価を行ないたいと考えています.ご使用予定の無いロボットがありましたら,お譲り頂ければ幸いです.info [a t] までご一報ください. ミラーサイト
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